Fans, Audience & Customers: Simple Guide to Getting your First Ones

Customers are easy to get. Give them something they want and get money in return - they are your customers. Every company has customers. Audience is harder to get, these are the people who listen to you, learn from you and whatever you say means a lot to them. Fans are rare to get, they love you, talk about you, maybe even worship you. I am a customer of British Library, but I don't care about what they say or do (not anymore). I am audience of 37 Signals - what they say mean a lot to me. I am a fan of Thesis Theme Framework - I love it.
  1. Build something remarkable, solve a problem - sell it - you get customers.
  2. Treat your customers well, involve them, love them and educate them - you get your audience.
  3. Love your audience, treat them with respect and promote them - you get your fans. (there is much more that getting fans but this one is to get you started)
Whom are you working with today?
Photo by CalvinCropley